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Why Our Pontoon Makes For A Superior Floating Dock

Pro-Float floating dock Jackson Marina
The Profloat® Floating Dock System is the best designed floating dock product on the market today.

The Profloat® concrete floating dock system is composed of a polyethylene flotation pontoon with an integrated top tray, formed to receive a poured concrete deck surface. The uniquely designed pontoon insulates the concrete from the natural corrosive effect of being directly submerged in with salt water.

Floating dock in Ft. Lauderdale
Pontoon Float forms ready for pouring

The concrete is poured in a controlled environment and includes wire mesh galvanized reinforcement.

phases of freshly poured concrete
Concrete is poured in a controlled environment.

The flotation pontoon is filled with expanded polystyrene which is steamed sealed inside, resulting in a solid block of high density foam.

floatation pontoon
Cross section of a Profloat® pontoon

The floats are then connected by a system of overlapping timber walers and galvanized steel through rods that create a fully integrated solid foundation for a stable, durable walking surface requiring minimal maintenance.

Floating dock
Profloat® pontoons are connected with galvanized steel rods.

This form of connection is important because in addition to the inherent construction strength, it prevents the natural buckling that often occurs with lighter weight materials and/or truss construction from more active water undulation.

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