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ProFloat Called Upon For Sagamore Pendry Restoration

For over a decade, the Recreation Pier in the Fells Point section of Baltimore lay vacant. Kevin Plank, the CEO of Under Armour had a vision to transform the former filming location of the TV show “Homocide” into a luxury hotel that would both draw high-end Baltimore visitors and accommodate VIP customers and guests of Under Armour, alike. One important amenity was to create private water access to the property. Eastern Floatation Systems, Inc. (EFS) was called upon to use its proprietary Profloat Dock System to design and build custom docks that were unveiled as part of the new Sagamore Pendry Baltimore hotels’ ribbon cutting celebration in late March, 2017.

ProFloat Sagamore PendrySagamore Pendry is a luxury hotel—rooms go from anywhere from $400 to $600 per night with penthouse suites going for over $1,000 —but Plank’s creative vision involved much more. The Sagamore Pendry is built to be a tribute to the richness of Baltimore’s story and its important role in American maritime history—an appropriate vision for a hotel built on a site just a thousand feet from where Francis Scott Key composed “The Star Spangled Banner.” In fact, during excavation, several cannons from the 1600’s were discovered and refurbished and now sit prominently in spots around the property.

EFS’s ProFloat systems are already a fixture of the Baltimore Harbor, with installations found in diverse locations from the signature marina at Rash Field to numerous municipal service and taxi docks, including the water gateway to historic Fort McHenry. EFS’s longstanding knowledge and involvement with the evolution of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor made the company a natural resource, and the Profloat product a natural fit, for the Sagamore Pendry restoration project.

ProFloat Sagamore PendryThe sheer scope and historical significance of Sagamore Pendry is breathtaking. The edifice pays tribute to its maritime location with white steel interlocked curves that are intended to invoke the sails of a ship. When visitors check in, they do so with a view of the Ann Street Pier.

EFS’s charge was to build a dock suitable for mooring vessels up to 100 feet in length. Those that dock their boats at Sagamore Pendry can either stay on their boat, with all room services that are available to guests, or they can stay in the hotel. The Sagamore is a tremendous architectural achievement and EFS feels privileged to be a part of it.

Whatever your needs, from custom designing a landmark destination to building a simple yet durable private dock, EFS can help. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

Why Our Pontoon Makes For A Superior Floating Dock

Pro-Float floating dock Jackson Marina
The Profloat® Floating Dock System is the best designed floating dock product on the market today.

The Profloat® concrete floating dock system is composed of a polyethylene flotation pontoon with an integrated top tray, formed to receive a poured concrete deck surface. The uniquely designed pontoon insulates the concrete from the natural corrosive effect of being directly submerged in with salt water.
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Proven Hands-On Experience

Eastern Flotation Systems (EFS) was created in the mid 1990’s by a team of marina designers and developers seeking to provide a modular concrete floating dock system that would meet the design and durability requirements of high-profile waterfront marina projects. They set out to design an integrated system that would marry the most time-proven solutions for material, connection, flotation, stability, and longevity.

Since then, the patented Profloat® Floating Dock System series has evolved by remaining rooted in these core principles.
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ProFloat® Floating Docks Are Designed For Durability

We take pride in offering a cost-effective product line that provides our customers flexibility in design, easy assembly and installation, and low-maintenance durability. In this post, we explain why.
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ProFloat Floating Docks

Profloat System is superior to Pre-cast concrete designs because:

  • Maintenance-free superior performance
  • No water intrusion
  • No salt water effects
  • Polyethylene won''t stick to ice
  • No breakdown from marine growth
  • Ease of utility installation, maintenance and upgrades with our Utility Chaseway
  • More cost effective per square foot
  • Lighter with incredible stability
  • Installations Worldwide

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Learn about the safety, stability, durability, and value of our concrete floating dock system.

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