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The Ultimate Marine Dock System

Marine Docks For The Boston Marine Police Department

When the Boston Marine Police Department needed a new 180 ft. linear pier, they turned to Profloat to meet their needs.

Their original pier was destroyed in a classic New England storm, so when it came time to replace their marine docks, they needed a dock system that could handle the harsh New England weather as well as have the durability to handle the commercial vessels employed by the Boston Marine Police. As this was a municipal project, cost was an important issue.

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The Ultimate Marine Dock System

Profloat met the requirements of the Boston Marine Police in all these facets. At a markedly lower cost than competitive products, the Profloat Floating Dock system is also durable, long lasting, and designed to handle extremes of weather.

Profloat concrete docks have been tested by marine engineers for load, wind, wave, and weather capabilities. In the field where it has held up to the extreme weather conditions (including wind, wave, rain, and storm surge) of several hurricanes in Florida and Maryland.

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