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A water taxi marina can be an economic boon for a private business or entrepreneur and it can significantly improve the quality of life for an urban community. ProFloat has been at the forefront of developing and constructing marinas that meet both civic requirements and the profitability demands of the private sector.

Water taxis are often associated with tourism and their use as sightseeing boats can open up new opportunities for a waterfront business looking to expand its reach. They also serve important public functions in crowded urban areas in providing transport for those who work in or near waterfront locations.

The Baltimore Water Taxi (BWT) is a prime example of this. The BWT was (and is) used for tourism, taking visitors around Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor. The water taxis are no less important in taking people to the office, a function that reduces traffic jams at rush hour, thereby improving quality of life and the environment in one fell swoop.

Governments at all levels are increasingly aware of the benefits and water taxi marinas on commercially viable waterway routes can be eligible for federal funds. ProFloat is experienced in navigating the ins and outs of the public-private partnership and can help you not only construct your marina, but gain approval for it as well.

For businesses in position to capitalize on this economic opportunity, the time to move is now. Studies in Virginia and Maryland, among others, have confirmed that the market demand for water taxis is growing. The combination of the region’s growing population, along with more and more jobs being at or near waterfront locations has created the consumer need that a well-prepared business can fill.

The time to explore the installation of a water taxi marina is now. Contact ProFloat today and set up a consultation.