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Mega Yacht


The market for megayachts has boomed over the last two decades and the years from 2008-13 in particular saw a 25 percent increase in megayacht purchases. The problem has been that there has not been a corresponding increase in places to dock. From Florida to the Mediterranean and around the world, dock shortages are creating a seller’s market… if you’re lucky. Otherwise, you’re just left without a place to park your megayacht.

For private owners, this can put a significant crimp in the lifestyle benefits of a megayacht. For commercial marinas, it translates into lost business. But the problem also means opportunity.

ProFloat delivers high-quality dock systems anywhere in the world. We do it with material that’s been prefabricated, thereby enabling efficient delivery and deployment.

The ProFloat product offers multiple installation options and that’s important for those looking to park a megayacht. Everyone has different needs—some owners just want to sail island-to-island and club hop. Others want to make the “big hop” over the Atlantic and the dock has to reflect those priorities.

If you’re a private owner, you’ve invested a lot of money in your megayacht—perhaps in the tens of millions by the time you add up the cost of the yacht itself and the crew. If you’re a marina, the market shortage of places to dock means you can may earn greater revenue, but only if you have the right docking facilities.

ProFloat can help. We have the requisite experience to create a durable dock for yachts that are 79 feet or longer (the general definition of a “megayacht”). We’ll design, deliver and install the dock that will remove your megayacht docking problems for years to come.  

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