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Fuel Pier Fuel-Pier1A fuel dock is a financial boon for a marina, but it comes with significant responsibility—personal, business and environmental—that make it necessary to carefully choose the contractor you work with on installation or upgrades.

Safety of your employees and customers is your greatest responsibility, with electrical devices—particularly ones in such close proximity to the water—needing to be properly constructed and corrosion-resistant. Properly managing safety has a direct impact on insurance costs. And finally, the design of a floating fuel dock must minimize the risk of gas spills. Boaters have to be able to refill the tank on a small craft in the close quarters of the harbor.

ProFloat’s fuel dock designs meet high standards. Furthermore, our docks are also built with flexibility in mind, ensuring that even if you don’t have the need for a fuel dock today, our design won’t hinder you from making that change tomorrow. We use galvanized tubing and galvanized clips under the whalers in order to establish utility channels for fuel and electrical lines.

Whether you have a single-dock marina or are able to serve megayachts, the installation of a fuel dock opens the doors for you to expand your business. You want it done with maximum attention to safety and environmental responsibility. ProFloat does too. For a free consultation and drawing of what a ProFloat floating fuel dock might look like for you, call (800) 406-6896 or contact us.