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Floating pontoons are an important part of maintaining durability for your investment and ProFloat pontoons are essential to our floating dock system.

Saltwater scraping against your deck is devastating to durability and that’s why the ProFloat system is composed of a polyethylene flotation pontoon that includes wire mesh galvanized reinforcement and hand-crafted finishing. The pontoon is then filled with expanded polystyrene which is steam-sealed inside to create a solid block of high-density foam. The pontoon—rather than your dock—absorbs the saltwater.

Too many floating docks suffer from barrels that leak or steel pontoons that rust all too easily. That’s what makes ProFloat Pontoons an ideal replacement—and they’re even better for the beginner who wants to build for the long haul.

Pontoons have a wide variety of uses and that includes boats, where most people commonly associate them. The durability advantage is no less significant here—a pontoon on your boat absorbs the saltwater while it’s docked.

There are also considerable recreational advantages to putting pontoons on your boat. Take, for example, the decision on whether to buy a boat that works for ski outings or one that works for fishing. Pontoons help you find a happy medium.

The stability provided by the pontoons ensure the boat won’t spook the fish. And the space they add can accommodate more people on a ski outing. Pontoons further protect the boat from having a hole torn in the hull in shallow areas.

Whether you’re need is commercial or residential, whether it’s docks or boats, ProFloat Pontoons are built to last. Contact us today to discuss your next project.