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Floating Helipad HS
Whether you own your own helicopter or are a municipality looking for creative ways to limit airport traffic, a ProFloat floating helipad is a creative solution for your long-term needs.

When small local airports are congested, some cities and towns have looked to restrict or eliminate helicopter landings. As an alternative, the community invests in a helipad on a public body of water. Landing the helicopter privately makes air travel easier for everyone involved.

Private operators, particularly those who own lakefront, seashore or oceanside property, may prefer to land their helicopter almost in the backyard. Just set up the helipad, land and you’re home!

Regardless of whether the situation is public or private, it’s imperative that the helipad be built with a sturdy base, both for safety reasons and for protecting the long-term health of the investment. ProFloat has mastered the art of delivering quality floating docks of all kinds over the last ten years and has applied that technology and know-how to develop the most stable helipad in the industry.

The helipad provides significant benefits to communities and individuals. ProFloat is proud to create a product built to last for the long haul. For a free consultation and drawing of what a ProFloat floating helipad might look like at your location, call (800) 406-6896 or contact us