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Your floating dock system needs to be as convenient as possible for you and your customers to use and a big part of that involves the proper use of a utility channel. A utility channel–sometimes referred to as a “utility chase”–is a conduit that delivers services such as gas, electrical, sewer and water to a docked vessel.

These services have to come from the mainland and reach a service point on the dock where they can be dispensed into the boat. That’s what makes a utility channel such an important accessory to a floating dock.

This is an important benefit for any dock owner, including residential, but it is especially critical for marinas. The utility channel not only connects the service point to the mainland, but it serves to connect multiple floating docks back to a common delivery point.

A concrete floating dock brings a number of benefits to your marina or your home—the cost of maintenance is reduced and the natural adjustability of the dock to the tide allows boats to always stay at an appropriate level.

But those benefits take a hit if vital services can’t be delivered conveniently from the land source to the service point. In the absence of a utility channel, the alternatives are less appealing—the brackets used in the past could be damaged by the force of wave action from the docked boat. Nor were these previous supports able to handle multiple utility lines without considerable additional expense.

When you’ve invested in a floating dock, it makes good financial sense to accessorize it properly with a utility channel. If you have a pre-existing dock not currently fitted with the right channel, contact us and we’ll set you up with the proper accessories. And if you’re just starting your dock project…there’s no better time to get it right than the first time. Contact ProFloat today.