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Jackson Marina floating dock systemThe advantages of a floating docking system are numerous and they translate into increased commercial opportunities for marina owners. The floating dock rises and falls with the level of the water, thereby making it more secure in a storm. The docking system is also able to be moored in deeper waters, thereby providing increased flexibility. And the floating dock’s buoyancy makes it a good long-term investment from a maintenance standpoint.

An example of this is the Jackson Marina, where ProFloat installed a floating dock system. We’ve been a leader in marina construction precisely because we aid a business like this in expanding its customer base. Whether it’s taking advantage of the docking shortage faced by yacht owners, providing better protection from hurricane conditions or opening up the docking system for the fishing charters and tournaments in Jackson, the ProFloat system is a commercial boon.

There’s simply too much opportunity on the table to not put your best forward in marina construction. Contact ProFloat at (800) 406-6896 or here online and we’ll work with you to determine the docking system that will maximize your commercial advantages.