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The sheer intensity of waves close to shore makes a floating breakwater an economic imperative for waterfront communities and property owners. Intense waves near the shore can cause damage to a boat, be it docked or approaching to dock. An effective breakwater absorbs these waves and creates the calmer waters necessary to protect property and prevent coastal erosion.

For communities, the stakes are high. If a breakwater cannot be implemented in a cost-efficient or effective manner, it means coastlines can’t be properly developed and a “community” will never really become more than just a single hotel near the water. It’s a combination of economic loss along with the environmental damage done by erosion.

For private homeowners, a good breakwater is simply a natural extension of the property when you live seaside. There’s not much use investing in a good boat if you can’t protect it when it’s docked…and if you can’t invest in a good boat, the rationale for paying waterfront property prices diminishes drastically.


Breakwaters can be created as a vertical wall or a rubble-mound, but both of those options present problems that the floating breakwater can address. In areas where waters are deep and seafloor foundations are poor, the floating breakwater is more cost-effective and stable.

Floating breakwaters do not interfere with fish migration, something seaside communities must protect if they are to retain viability as a tourist destination. The floating breakwater is also much easier on the eyes from a visual standpoint and easier to maneuver if ice becomes a problem.

Whether you’re a civic planner or a private homeowner, a floating breakwater is an investment that will return its value several times over in terms of development and property value, to say nothing of the damage costs that you’ll never incur because of it. Contact ProFloat today to discuss your unique floating dock needs.