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The maritime industry is going through a state of change and that makes it a time ideal with opportunity for shipyard marina owners and others with an eye on the future of marina design. Whether you are building a marina or expanding an existing one, there are a number of factors making right now the time to act.

Recent years have seen a substantial increase in yacht ownership, yet docking facilities have not kept pace. That leaves a marketplace opening to a marina that can provide safe haven to an upscale clientele, to say nothing of other boaters looking for a place to park their vessel.

Nor is this likely to change. From the lack of public funding to limited harbor locations that are workable, to increased environmental constraints, the dock shortage problem isn’t going away. Those that are in position to build or expand a marina hold the high cards in this economic environment.

Marinas located in busy city areas can expand their business by allowing for the use of water taxis. This expands the customer base in two ways—through tourism opportunities, as well as the more lucrative day-to-day traffic in getting people in and out of work conveniently.

In this era of diversification, long-term marina design is more important than ever and that’s where ProFloat’s floating dock system comes in. Our floating docks enhance safety, as they move up and down with the water level in a storm. The buoyancy a floating dock provides mean you’ll reduce costs on maintenance.

ProFloat has been constructing marinas for over two decades and we’ve done it by staying on the cutting edge of marina design and providing top value to our clients. Contact us today for a free consultation on how to build or expand your marina.