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ProFloat Dock Survives Boat CrashWe’ve seen some high-profile stories this year where a boat crashes into a dock. There was an incident in Alaska where a cruise ship crash ended up costing the city between $2-3 million. In San Diego, there was the Hornblower accident where a boat bringing whale-watchers back crashed after its propulsion system malfunctioned.

These are the occasional accidents that make headlines, and on a lighter note you can always find a “bloopers” video on YouTube of less serious crashes at the recreational level. But if it’s your dock on the wrong end of a crash, it’s never light. Though it might not make headlines, you are likely facing both repair costs and higher dock insurance premiums.

The best way to protect yourself is to build a secure dock at the outset. ProFloat has been a leader among floating dock manufacturers for the past ten years, constantly improving the quality of our concrete dock construction.

Floating docks are a better security bet for a number of reasons. A system designed like ours is setup to move laterally and the flexibility can mitigate or even prevent damage in the event of a crash. This has become more important in light of changes in the industry. Boats are increasing in size, but docks are not adjusting at the same rate. A dock that is too small and inflexible is far less likely to survive even a “light” crash.
There are no guarantees in any dock accident, but there are ways to maximize your dock’s chances of survival. For a free consultation and drawing of what a ProFloat floating concrete docks system might look like for you, call (800) 406-6896 or contact us.