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The decision about how to construct your new dock has some striking similarities to the decisions people make when they begin a relationship with someone else. A lot of people (or docks) are pleasant and enjoyable when the weather, so to speak, is perfect. But just like we want our significant others to be at their best when the metaphorical storms of life hit, so too do boat owners and marina designers need to know what the best docks for rough water area.

Floating docks are best suited for areas where the water is deep and/or has significant fluctuation—which is to say most every marina and quite a few private residences. The floating dock brings a significant advantage in durability.

The durability advantage starts with the basic premise that the floating dock is constructed to move up and down with the tide, thereby reducing the stress on the dock and ensuring it lasts for the long haul. The most vivid example of this came during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, when it was documented that floating docks incurred less damage than others. And the events of 2017 in Texas and Florida showed the need to build docks that can survive powerful storms is not going away.

ProFloat uses only the highest-quality materials to construct our concrete floating docks. Galvanized steel is a part of a process we designed to build a floating dock with structural integrity that not only can weather the storm, but provides a stable walking surface, day-to-day durability and requires minimal maintenance. The saving of time and money on maintenance is another important advantage our docks have over their wood counterparts.

An even bigger-picture test of durability is whether a dock is good to the environment and the concrete floating dock has another advantage here. Wooden docks need to be treated with chemical preservatives, which release toxins into the water. That’s not the case with concrete, meaning that a floating dock keeps your immediate environment as durable as the dock itself.

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