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Need a Residential Dock?

Residential Dock

The Profloat Floating Dock System perfect for private residences.

Profloat System of Concrete floating docks provides high quality look and secure feeling that you deserve for your yacht.

Protect Your Yacht

Our stable and low maintenance Profloat concrete floating dock system is will provide superior protection for your investment. Our patented continuous float design enables the Profloat system to act as a wave and wake attenuator, taking the rough water on one side and allowing the water on the other side to remain tranquil. This saves on the wear and tear on your yacht.

Flexible, Modular Design

The Profloat System is flexible and can accommodate your specific needs. Because the system is modular, it can be made to fit your size and shape requirements. Our unique Utility Chaseway, located just under the surface walkway, is easily accessible for electrical or utility inspection and/or maintenance. This unique design provides you with the flexibility to have 100% of your desired services on your dock, exactly where you want them located.

Cost Effective

Once installed and maintained once, your Profloat System only requires a small yearly maintenance, and will provide you and your family with a lifetime of quality service. The Profloat System has a design life of 25 years, and we are confident that it will deliver quality performance successfully to you for years beyond that.

We provide customers with a maintenance manual that they can perform themselves or they can pay EFS to do once per year. This once per year inspection is inexpensive and ensures the owner of continued flawless performance, and is much easier than maintaining your car. This involves checking the levelness of the float, and the torque and condition of the rods/nuts/bolts, and the condition of the Whalers.

There is one drawback though, once you get Profloat installed, your friends and neighbors will want to bring their yachts to park over at your dock!

Free Drawing

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