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Dock Fabrication and Construction

Profloat’s engineers build the safest and most cost effective marine dock system available. Marine engineering firm WBCM has independently tested and provided load calculations for the ProFloat floating dock system.

Read below for a full explanation of our material specifications. For a free consultation and site plan drawing of what a ProFloat Floating Dock might look like at your location, call (800) 406-6896 or contact us.

Dock Building Material Specifications

Flotation Module

  • The concrete will never touch the water, and remain protected from salt water.
  • Significantly increases the longevity of your floating dock system.

Our floatation module is a polyethylene plastic shell encasing a closed cell EPS (expanded polystyrene) core. The polyethylene is specially treated to resist UV deterioration.

The EPS foam core has a weight of .95-1.10 lb. per cubic ft. conforming to ASTM standard specification C-578. The EPS foam has a water absorption rate of less than 1 percent in twenty four hours, with a maximum of three (3) percent by volume as tested by ASTM method C-272. The polyethylene shell and expanded polystyrene core are made of new material (no reground material) by Premier Materials Technology, Inc. with licenses agreement under US Patent.

Dock Building


Concrete Dock Surface

  • Skidless and safe
  • Adds weight for stability
  • Customizable with many colors and designs

Air-entrained Portland Cement Type I conforming to ASTM C 150. The reinforced concrete surface has a minimum thickness of 2 inches with structural ribs 5 ½” thick. The walking deck is poured in one monolithic pour over a galvanized welded wire reinforcement that meets ASTM standard A-185, or polymerized glass fiber reinforced concrete is used with a compression strength of 6,000 psi. at 28-days with flexural strength minimum 1,500psi when tested in accordance with ASTM C 1018.

The surface is trowel-finished with a broom, non-skid texture that is applied transversely to the walking surface creating a long lasting slip-resistant finish. The float module allows for individual concrete pour or the insertion of a pre-stressed, pre-cast concrete slab. Concrete design options also include choice of concrete colors and stamped patterns.

Floating Dock Surface Concrete Dock Building Concrete Floating Dock



  • Safe, flush walkway
  • Pressure Treated for longevity
  • Securely fastened

All lumber is Dense Southern Yellow Pine, No. 1 grade in accordance with Southern Pine Inspection Bureau and the Timber Product Inspection Bureau “grading rules”. All lumber is pressure-treated with Chromate Copper Arsenate (C.C.A.) to one and half (1.5) pound retention, conforming to AWPA C1, AWPA C2, AND AWPA C18 using CCA in accordance with AWPA P5 standards.

Double whalers are joined by compressing a “Teco” galvanized timber ring between the lumber every twelve (12) inches. All whalers, fascia, or any other member which is subject to foot traffic, will be flush with the concrete walking surface.

Dock Construction


Thru-Rod Connections

  • Added stability and strength
  • Simple assembly and construction
  • Easily accessible for repairs

All thru-rods are ¾” thread diameter, hot dipped galvanized steel. (Stainless Steel rods can also be used at an additional cost). The rods travel through the floatation module at 12-inch intervals encased in a ¾” inch PVC sleeves cast in the concrete. Thru-rods are also placed through each module within six (6) inches of each end of the unit, and within six (6) inches of each lumber splice

Concrete Docks


Nuts Bolts and Hardware

All steel in accordance with ASTM A-307. Hot dipped galv. in accordance with ASTM A-123.


Steel Fabrication

All structural steel, channel tubes, frames, and angles are fabricated from min. ¼” mild steel conforming to ASTM standard A 36. All welding complies with AWS D1.1. All steel is hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication. Stainless Steel may be used in accordance with ASTM F 593 AND ASTM F 594. Pile rings are fabricated from 3/8” min thickness steel with adjustable guide roller manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight plastic mounted on a stainless steel rod.

Concrete Floating Dock


Galvanized Coating

A hot-dipped galvanized coating is applied to all steel in accordance with either ASTM standard A-123 or ASTM standard A-153 as the process applies to the specified material.


Engineering Refrences

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Free Dock Design

For a free consultation and site plan drawing of what a ProFloat Concrete Floating Dock might look like at your location, call (800) 406-6896 or contact us