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ProFloat® Floating Docks Are Designed For Durability

We take pride in offering a cost-effective product line that provides our customers flexibility in design, easy assembly and installation, and low-maintenance durability. In this post, we explain why.

Low-maintenance durability
Profloat® docks offer low-maintenance durability

The Profloat® concrete floating dock system is composed of a polyethylene flotation pontoon with an integrated top tray that is designed to receive a poured concrete deck surface. Just like your sidewalk at home, very little maintenance to the surface is needed once installed.

Pontoons with exposed top trays prior to concrete pour

Our float is a rotationally molded polyethylene plastic tub with a patented tray top area designed to receive a reinforced concrete walking surface. A polyethylene plastic shell encases a closed cell EPS (expanded polystyrene) core. The polyethylene is specially treated to resist UV deterioration. The flotation pontoon is filled with expanded polystyrene which is steam-sealed inside, resulting in a solid block of high-density foam.

Poured concrete deck surface
Poured concrete deck surface

The reinforced concrete surface has a minimum 28-day compression strength of 5,000 psi, per ASTM standard C-94. The walking deck is poured in one monolithic pour over a galvanized welded wire reinforcement that meets ASTM standard A-185.

The EPS foam core has a weight of .05-1.10 lb. per cubic ft. conforming to ASTM standard specification C-578. The EPS foam has a maximum water absorption rate of only three percent by volume as tested by ASTM method C-272.

Cutaway view of floatation pontoon with expanded polystyrene core
Cutaway view of floatation pontoon showing expanded polystyrene core and concrete walkway

Construction Strength And Stability

The floats are then connected by a system of overlapping marine-grade timber whalers and galvanized steel through-rods that create a fully integrated solid foundation for a stable, durable walking surface requiring minimal maintenance. This form of connection is important because the inherent construction strength prevents the natural buckling that often occurs when lighter weight materials and/or truss construction are exposed to rough water conditions.

Only The Best Quality Materials

All through-rods are ¾” thread diameter, hot-dipped galvanized steel. All steel is in accordance with ASTMA-307, and the hot-dip galvanization is in accordance with ASTMA-123. All lumber is No1 grade Southern Yellow Pine and is pressure-treated with Chromate Copper Arsenate (C.C.A.) to 1.5 pound retention, conforming to AWPA standards.

Profloat floating docks use Pressure Treated, No1 grade Southern Yellow Pine
Pressure Treated, No1 grade Southern Yellow Pine

Custom Surfaces

Our concrete finish standards exceed most others in the industry, and the walking surface can be customized with your choice of color, stamped pattern, texture, or logo.

Floating Dock Surface Option 1Floating Dock Surface Option 2

Floating Dock Surface Option 3Floating Dock Surface Option 4

Just a few of the color and texture options for concrete walkways

Whether your project requires Profloat System sections, technical assistance, or complete assembly and installation of a concrete floating pier, Eastern Floatation Systems can provide a long lasting, durable concrete floating dock system.

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