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Eastern Floatation Systems, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the patented ProFloat Dock System® floating marina and floating marine docks.

Founded in 1995 by Selvin Passen, MD and Mark Levin, AIA, we are based in Baltimore, Maryland near the Canton waterfront.

Eastern Floatation Systems services marinas and private customers internationally.

Our unique, patented, floating dock system has continuously been refined to expand its flexibility, durability and utility.

General Manager Bryan Miller developed the current ProFloat Dock System®, including a utility float which houses all power pedestals currently on the market. Using the trough system and the utility float in tandem, utilities can be provide anywhere on a Pro-Float Dock System® pier.

Recently, the ProFloat Dock System® has been further redesigned to include a trough system in our standard walkway float. This exclusive design facilitates quick installation and easy inspection of utilities (electrical, communications, water, fuel, waste, etc), creating limitless opportunities for your floating marina.

Modular Floating Marinas

Our exclusive, patented modular design gives our customers the flexibility for any type of configuration and can be reconfigured as future needs arise. The slightly higher cost of a concrete floating system is far outweighed by its longevity and low maintenance requirements. The ProFloat Dock System® is adaptable to all marina designs and is as limitless as your imagination.

Our sales program ranges from simply providing the various components of the ProFloat Dock System® to offering technical assistance to your marine contractor of choice. You can also choose to have Eastern Floatation Systems, Inc. complete any and all stages of design, dock building and assembly, and dock installation, for a complete “turn-key” floating dock installation.

Whether you require a simple boat dock and landing or have plans for a large scale marina or other waterfront-based enterprise, we can ensure that the ProFloat Dock System will provide you with superior value, safety, and longevity.

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